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it's always something [03.22.07 at 9:59am]
I was soooooo happy yesterday to be done with work because it meant sleeping in. But as I drove to work, I saw the battery light start flashing a little, so I made an appointment to take my car in to Carmax next Thursday (my next day off when the service center would be open/had an opening). Problem solved, right? Oh hell no.

Fast forward to the drive home from work. My number one scariest moment in a car happened years ago when I was 18 and driving to Frostburg. The heat shieled on the undercarriage of my good ol' Maxima fell off, sparks flying everywhere, and I was 15 minutes from the university. Well, let's just say that that experience is now number TWO on my (previously non-existant) list of scary car moments. The new number one occured, like I said, last night coming home from work. I'm 20 minutes from home when the battery light finally stops flashing and stays on full bright red. Then the oil change light came on, followed by the anti-lock brakes light, the airbag light, and any other little light that existed on the dashboard. Then the headlights went so dim that I could barely see the road in front of me. And the radio shut off. Pardon the language, but I pretty much yelled out "holyfuckingshitdonotfuckingdothistomefuckfuckfuckfuckfuckFUCKKKKKKKKKKK." I really was not sure if I would even make it home. It was 11:50pm on a cold night on 695. NOT COOL. I begged my car to stay on while I was at the light, waiting to turn into my apartment complex. It did, thank goodness, and I even made a point of backing the car in, just in case it needed a jump this morning.

I fell asleep around 3am and got up at 7am to call Carmax and try to get in for today. After having no luck with them, I called my step-dad. I always inform him of car issues because, well, if it weren't for him teaching me what little I know about cars, I would have gotten screwed over by mechanics a number of times. I don't know how many times I've asked a mechanic to show me why I need a transmission flush - I know what the fluid should look like when it does and does not need it, and you know what? My car doesn't need it! Anyway, back to the story. I decided to take the car to Meineke because I don't trust the guys at the Midas and Jiffy Lube by me. On the 3 mile drive to Meineke, all the lights come on again. And when turning into the parking lot, the car finally died. I couldn't have been happier to have it die then and there. I think any place else and I would have just burst into tears. The guys looked at it and determined that it's a programmable alternator and that it might be the computer in the car that's causing the alternator to malfunction. In other words, I think I found a trustworthy mechanic. They hooked my car up to the battery charger for an hour and told me to go to the Mercury dealer to have them see if it's the computer causing the problems or if it's the alternator that's bad.

The Mercury dealership got my car in and gave me a ride home. After only an hour (I was expecting multiple hours), they called to tell me that the alternator needs to be replaced. I gave them my warranty information to get approval for the repair, and now I'm just sitting pretty until the car's done. Totally NOT how I wanted to spend my day off.
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drastic measures? [03.04.07 at 10:22pm]
It's almost officially come to this. I think from now on, I may be putting a piece of tape on everything I own with my name on it because Jessie has taken to using my personal make-up stash (we're talking some serious MAC here that's not meant to be touched by others unless it's okay with me), going through my room (no, seriously, clothing is moved about and books are missing that i know were there days ago), and using my hair products (my personal favorite). OH MY GOD IT'S MY SHIT NOT YOURS SO FUCK OFF AND NO TOUCHY!!!!! I think I'm really getting so pissy merely because she used up the last of my not-so-inexpensive deep conditioner and my Dove shampoo and conditioner. BUY YOUR OWN! I'll be staying at the boat tomorrow, but when I see her again this week I'm going to bring this up and I'm not going to be nice about it. I KNOW that she used the deep conditioner because she left the friggin' tube sitting on the counter next to the EMPTY box that had (guess how many?) one tube left in it Friday morning. And how do I know she used the regular Dove shampoo and conditioner? I put a BRAND NEW bottle of each out about two weeks ago, and seeing as how I wash my hair every other day, it takes me a whole lot longer than TWO WEEKS to go through it all. I'm so mad about this that I started crying earlier! I realize it's JUST shampoo/conditioner/make-up but for goodness sake it's so obviously not hers! What do I need to do, start locking everything in my car? I never lock my bedroom door because the kitties like to go in and out of my room (plus I don't have a lock to get to it from the outside) and there's no air movement if the door is shut.

Has this girl just never been taught about boundaries? Is it so hard to comprehend not going through someone's personal belongings, whether it's a room or make-up or potholders? I don't go through her shit, why does she insist on going through (and throwing out and/or using) mine? I just can't fucking believe this. Yes, yes, like I said, it's JUST deep conditioner that's getting me this upset, but I think that's just becoming the straw that broke the camel's back. If I have to resort to tape on everything (and maybe angry notes on the bathroom mirror that say "if you didn't buy it, don't even fucking THINK about touching it") then fine, I'll do it, but I'd rather not. I'd rather be adult about the situation and say "hey, would you mind not using things that aren't yours?" The stuff that she used the last of was not cheap, not even at Wal-Mart, and I don't appreciate going through stupid stupid shit like this. Makes me wonder what else she's used. I know the MAC was touched because the make-up in my traincase is either missing or moved about. I went into her room the other night (I didn't invite myself in like she does, I actually knocked and asked if I could look in her room for a book that was missing) and found both my powder and stick foundations (which don't match her skintone, I'd like to point out), two (rather expensive) mineralized skinfinishes, a new Barbie lipstick that I got a few weeks ago and haven't used yet, my two favorite shadow brushes, and an entire PALETTE of 15 eye shadows. I'm missing my favorite eyeliner too, but I have yet to locate that. I don't LIKE the eyeliner I've been using; it's not nearly as wondertastic as my Blacktrack Fluidline. But now of course I'm paranoid that I'm going to get pink eye because of the possibility that she may have used my stuff previously (like when she had pink eye a week ago). Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It's not yours DON'T TOUCH!

Ha, I sound like a two year-old. Mine! Mine dammit MINE!
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so very interesting [03.03.07 at 9:26pm]
I spent about 10 minutes on the phone with a woman named Joy at the DC Metro photo enforcement office. In the end, all that's going to happen is that she's going to submit my information to have "tag research" done and then when I call early next week, if they decide that it is still my car pictured (it's NOT you fuckers, but jeez whatever) I'll need to submit a copy of my registration. Ummm, why must I be the one to submit that information when you're the ones with super-databases? Eh, whatever. It's not my car. Everyone laughs when I show them the pictures though.

So, let's see, in the past week at work, I've finally been given a defined management role. This'll be the first time in nearly two months that I've had a specific "job." I'm now the people assistant manager, which means that I'm in charge of all the hiring/orientations, and I'll also be writing the schedule. While I'm a little nervous about doing the schedule, I'm pretty darn excited to have the position. My store manager considers me to be one of her strongest managers, so I can't help but have a little bit more extra confidence in assuming this role! As Mala pointed out to me, I went from visual manager (sort of, I was technically still an MIT) to impact manager for less than twenty-four hours to people manager (because, according to her, I was people manager from the time I found out that I was transfering stores).

Tomorrow I have an orientation to do, which should be interesting. I did just fine last week, but I think until I'm truly comfortable in this role, I'll always be a bit a nervous. Oh and I MUST MUST MUST remember to do the fragrance inventory before the store opens! (note to self - add that to "events" in cell phone).
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what.the.fuck [02.24.07 at 9:09pm]
I came home tonight after clopening in Annapolis, and I see in my mail a letter from Metropolitan Police of D.C. photo traffic unit (or something like that). I thought "what in the world is this?" and realized that there were THREE pictures of a car with my EXACT license plate speeding through some intersection. THE CAR IN THE PICTURE IS A FUCKING HONDA CIVIC!!!!!!!! I don't OWN a Honda Civic, I own a Mercury Cougar. Just a little difference there!!!! And looking at the close-up of the license plate, I swear to god, it's NOT EVEN A MARYLAND TAG. Seriously! I think it's a California plate, but I can tell you right now that it is definitely NOT my car. I can't remember where the heck I was on February 4th, when these pictures were taken, but I was definitely NOT in Washington D.C. I know that I was in Towson because I made a couple charges on my debit card that day for places IN Towson. I wasn't working, I know that much, but I have NEVER driven into D.C. myself, always had someone else drive. So needless to say, the frickin DC Metro Police (or at the least, the unlucky soul who answers the phone at the number I call on Monday) will be getting one EXTREMELY pissed off phone call. Okay, I'll be polite and professional at first, but I can guarantee that if they tell me to do one of three "deny" options, I WILL be getting angry. I'm not going to take a day off of work to go down to court in DC to argue about this. I want the idiots who aren't paying attention to find the CORRECT vehicle owner to fine. NOT ME BECAUSE IT'S NOT MY FUCKING CAR. This just absolutely infuriates me, if ya couldn't tell already. I'd been told that an actual PERSON looked at the photos and compared the make/model to what was pulled up in the database. Obviously that didn't happen. Or at least, if it did, they're friggin BLIND and couldn't realize that the tags were DEFINITELY not Maryland tags! I will admit, the close-up is a bit blurry, but this is just NOT COOL. It's so OBVIOUS that the car pictured is NOT the one listed with the tags in the database. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Okay. Better now. The boat, where I stayed last night, is really really creepy when there's no TV, no radio, and it's uber-windy outside. I had my Ipod turned up pretty high and could still hear the wind and the lines creaking. I definitely did not sleep well last night. But I was able to visit Shutty at Towson ANF and go shopping the back stock room! I got a cute navy blue hoodie that I absolutely love, plus two thinner shirts, all of which I can wear to work (yay!). So yes. Still pissed off about the stupid pictures but at least I have cute new clothes (again) to play with.
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soooooooooooooo fast [02.16.07 at 7:55pm]
Yesterday, I was little bummed because I was going to be the impact manager at Hco (i.e. in charge of keeping the store full).

Today, I want to climb onto a mountain and hug the world because I found out that I'm getting moved to the Annapolis store starting next week! That means of course that today ended up being my last day at Towson, but that's okay. I just have to make it in to drop off my keys sometime soon! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Oh, this also means that I'll be making a little road trip up to PA to get Lluvy floofypants declawed this week. Ah well. It also means that I can move the kitties down to Lusby a little bit sooner!

Off to clean out my car for the big parental move tomorrow!
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